Debbie Vaughn
     Animal Communicator

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.

- Will Rogers


Bringing a New Baby Into

Your Animal's Family


There are so many things to do and think about when a baby is coming you may think you can’t consider one more thing. But just as you would prepare yourselves and an older child for the new arrival, you should also prepare your animals, especially if this is your first baby and they have been the only 'child.' Many animals will welcome a child into the family pack simply due to the love for the adults. However, just as many may not appreciate having to share or the change in the atmosphere, noise and routines of the household. To prevent any major upsets there are several things you can do.
One of the simplest things you can do is to talk to them. They understand more than you think and appreciate knowing what to expect. Explain everything along the journey to why you are building the crib to when it is time to go to the hospital. And when you bring home baby include them in the celebration. A new baby is a stressful situation and so it might be easy to snap at the animal when they are under foot but try to remember that they are just trying to be involved and still be there for you as they had been before.
Giving them an extra job could help them still feel needed. Animals almost always have jobs to do with their humans whether it is companionship, protection, creating a healthy energetic home or simply walking to get the mail. I have met a dog or two that just want to simply be a dog and have fun, but most of the time animals are quite serious about their work and lessons they are trying to teach. Ask your animal to take on the task of being a cornerstone of the family or help protect and love the child, if it fits their personality. It could even be as simple as making a routine that they help you walk the baby in the stroller. If the animal clearly wants nothing to do with the child because of their bond to you, ask them to do something extra for you. Cats are excellent at clearing the home of unwanted energies and entities.  Don’t forget to thank them for their work, no matter how simple, and definitely praise them for doing a great job.
Another option are flower essences. Flower essences contain the healing energy of plants and remove blockages in the flow of the recipient’s energy that can cause imbalances physically and emotionally. Made from flowers in a bowl of water, they are not harmful and do not react with pharmaceutical since they work on an energetic level. However, be aware alcohol is used as a preservative in case of sensitivity. The essence Walnut assists with all the changes and acceptance of the new family member. Cats particularly don’t like their world to change and can act out by wetting in undesirable places or pouting and hiding. Adding Larch and Chestnut Bud can assist with this. Another excellent option is Rescue Remedy, a combination of five remedies. It would even benefit mom before birth and several days after due to the stress she has gone through. Don’t forget dad who has his own emotional upheaval with all the excitement! There are many other flower essences to choose from for more specific behavior problems as well. Simply put 4 drops in the animal’s water bowl each time you refresh it and this way they get a little bit throughout the day. You can also give it directly in the mouth. If another animal shares the water bowl that doesn't’t need it, don’t worry as it will simply not affect them.

If you don’t feel like your conversations are being heard, you’re already having issues or just want to cover all the bases, you can contact an animal communicator. Communicators connect with your animal telepathically. It can go a long way giving the animal a voice and asking what the animal wants or needs. For one reason it shows them that you still value them as a pack member and, plus their needs aren’t always what you would think. It could be as simple as a new toy or as bold as getting rid of the new baby. In the case of the latter a communicator can explain things and facilitate compromise so that everyone can find a common ground and allow time to bring the family closer together after the big delivery. Different communicators offer different tools to help your animal deal with the pack shift, such as energy work like Reiki, dowsing to find underlying issues, or other healing modalities. Animals are very sensitive to energies and any balancing or healing can help them to adjust.

Lastly, whatever you do, try to make sure your animal doesn't’t get ignored. Try to keep their schedule and needs met as much as possible. Taking the time to understand them and letting them know that they are loved and have a place in the family can go a long way to preventing disastrous behavior issues down the road. They add so much each and every day to our lives and we need to remember this when life gets a bit crazy…and baby definitely can make crazy! Keep in mind that they, like humans, animals have their own personalities, likes and dislikes, and what might work for one might not work for another. If you have had your baby and some behavior issues have already started, don’t panic. It might take a little bit of time but harmony can be brought back.