Debbie Vaughn
     Animal Communicator

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Love Like A Champ

What a stray dog taught me about love



I am very lucky to have the love of a wonderful husband. I’m also very blessed to have enjoyed raising an amazing son. Yet, it wasn’t these two men in my life that showed me just how amazing, deep and powerful, and yet so simple, love truly is. That honor goes to a four-legged being. On top of being a wife and mother I’m a telepathic animal communicator that connects energetically with animals. Due to my profession I’m very aware of how loving, trusting and wise animals can be. However, I was still surprised when a lost dog showed me how it felt and what it means to truly be love.


In my line of work, love abounds.  A loving respect is needed as a medium to connect with the animals, so I am blessed with every client. Plus, everyone knows animals can love unconditionally and therefore I am never surprised when an animal wants their human to know they love them and want the best for them. Maybe their openness is why it is easier to regain our natural telepathic abilities with animals. Humans tend to lose the ability once life events cause them to close themselves off, as well as the early focus on speech. Some manage to maintain the ability though with those they are closest to, like a mother to baby, twin siblings, or lovingly married couples but for most the skill withers. So while I am not a stranger to the concept of love due to my life’s work, when you think you know everything, something usually comes along to shake things up. That happened to me and my understanding of love when a dirty black dog wandered onto a friend’s donkey rescue farm.


Being the woman she is, my friend naturally wanted to help this seemingly lost dog. During her inquiries she found he had lived with an angry, abusive man. My friend couldn’t return him to such a life that also included living out of a van with little food and care. She began looking for someone to adopt him. First, he needed a new name for his new life and she christened him Champ, which was more fitting than she could have ever known. She asked me to talk with him, explain his situation to him, find out what he wanted, and explain that he needed to stop chasing cats if he wanted to raise the chances of finding a good home in an area where everyone had cats. Needless to say he explained things to me.


As soon as we connected I felt his warmth, his shine and his amazing energy. He filled the space like I would imagine someone like the Dalai Lama does when he walks into a room. I’ve felt many emotions of animals such as sadness when dying, lethargy from illness and confusion from being lost. I had expected much similar dark feelings due to his past but he literally glowed and had an amazingly calming effect. His words were just as beautiful. He was sad that he didn’t fulfill the role that he saw for himself, to give the abusive man joy. He didn’t harbor anger at his past life. Yet nor did he harbor guilt from his failure. He saw the situation with loving eyes and simply knew he was not able to help the man and it was time for a new family. This was why he chose to leave his situation. He not only loved the man, able to look past the pain and see the good inside of him, but at the same time he loved himself by not taking on baggage. He was in perfect balance. Eventually the power of his spirit became overwhelming to me and I wept for him, for myself and for the beauty that I felt permeate my heart. They were happy tears like when you hold a newborn baby. They were also tears of release. I didn’t ask for anything from him and even though he didn’t know me, he saw right through me and without any prompting told me to not be afraid. He kindly shared his wisdom with me and put a kink in my armor; armor I had denied. He showed me the fear I held onto, the fear of being truly happy and of accepting myself. It was as if he could see exactly what I needed.


After Champ, the love I use to communicate with animals is no longer some highway for the information to pass back and forth but something I now know is meant to pass through me, and to pass through everyone and everything on this planet. We’ve encircled ourselves for protection, as if we are in giant hamster balls, fearful of what we may experience. But we need to open up and allow ourselves to shine like Champ, as well as be permeated by the glow of each other; then and only then can we be the human race which we were meant to be. Bottom line, love isn’t’ something we give, receive or sacrifice for. It is about simply being. The Dalai Lama doesn’t ‘do’ anything when he fills the room. He is simply being and everyone experiences that love that he emanates. He is sharing by being. He is neither drained nor asking for anything in return, and yet everyone receives, including himself, simply by being. Interestingly telepathic communication also isn’t something that you ‘do’ but something you ‘allow’ to happen. Champ truly helped connect the dots and bring things full circle for me.


Love is the light of our soul, our inner flame, that which we are made of. We might try to hide the flame but since it is a part of us it is always there. So what we need to do is just shine as brightly as possible. As more and more of us shine, more people will see how powerful and important love is to our daily lives…to our existence. We just need to open the windows, keep them clean and let it shine, let it be. It is that simple. Then we can be kinder to ourselves and others, and live the joyful lives we are meant to live…without fear.


I now live my days trying to be like Champ. I try seeing people not for the dirt on their windows but for their inner glow. Just as important, I love myself by not holding onto baggage, seeing situations as they are, helping when I can and walking away when I cannot. I’ve found that focusing on my personal glow I don’t have time to focus on fears or other negative things. It isn’t always easy, habits are hard to break, but I find comfort in trying. It is the journey after all and not the destination. Thank you Champ! And yes, he did stop chasing cats and, and yes he found a new home.