Debbie Vaughn
     Animal Communicator

Our task must be to free ourselves...widening our circle of compassion to  embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

- Albert Einstein

Suggestions to Clear and

Protect Your Space

Cats are natural helpers in clearing any  negative energy in your home, but if you don't want a cat or need a little extra help here are a few things you can do.
  • Smudge with palo santo or sage. (Palo santo should be used when there are heavier energies.) Open the windows to allow the detrimental energies to leave. Start with the furthest away point in your home from the door you use most. Work counter-clockwise through the space and make your way toward the door. Smudge each individual space counter-clockwise as well. Be sure to get all the spaces, in cupboards and drawers. You can also place it by your cold air return of your furnace and have it pulled into the whole house that way. Then to rebuild the space it is recommended that you rebuild the space. Burn lemon grass. Make a spray bottle of distilled water and 11-12 drops of essential oils that represent everyone in the house, one for each person and animal. Shake bottle. Be careful not to spray on anything important due to the oil. When rebuilding, work clockwise.
  • Intention: emanate love and light
  • Crystals: Place an inch diameter, single terminated crystal in each of the four corners of your home. If you are in a home, put them in the ground on your property, pointed side down with the end exposed. Use your intention to charge them with purpose. If you are in an apartment you can use potted plants placed in the four corners and put the crystals in the dirt of the pots. If you move, take the crystals with you.
  • Plants: red and white carnations, place in a central area. San Pedro cactus. Gypsum weed or yarrow outside to protect outer space. Sweet basil in the house will rebuild the space after clearing.
  • Essential oils: Boil water on the stove top to diffuse. Ask the Universe if there is a specific oil for you to use and trust what you receive. Or you can use rose, myrrh, frankincense, or anything from nature like cedar, spruce, etc.
  • Music/sound – play music every day
  • Light/color: call in bright white or gold light. Wrap it around your space/property in a clockwise direction. You can also wrap it around anything (i.e. desk or bed), animals or anyone. Call in bright colors with art. Eat bright colors. Call in angels of light and ask them to bring healing and protection. 
  • Bands of power: create energetic bands via intention around your home and anchor the 4 corners in trees. If there is not a tree in a corner, visualize a tree that once stood there long ago. The trees feed the bands.