I came into animal communication due to a chance meeting while walking with my greyhound. On this particular walk an elderly man stopped to meet Bob, as many people did thanks to his good looks and animal magnetism, and proceeded to tell me about his recently passed cat and how an animal communicator spoke with the cat to help ease the transition. With an ill, aging cat at home, I thought it seemed like the thing to do as well. I never found the communicator the man recommended but as luck would have it the internet brought me Mary Getten. After Mary talked to my animal family I was intrigued and signed up for Mary's next workshop.

During the workshop I spoke to another attendee's cat. The cat said it wanted chiropractic care and showed her low back. "Well that can't be right," I thought, but announced my findings anyway, ready to appear silly. But the cat's owner confirmed the back pain and chiropractic visits. Needless to say I was elated and from that point on hooked on practicing and learning all I could about to reconnect with my telepathic abilities.


My empathic abilities help me to feel the pains and emotions an animal is going through. In addition, I work with a pendulum and flower essences to help animals even further. Dowsing with a pendulum assists me by clarifying information or retrieving that which the animal may not share or be aware of. Another service I provide for the animals is clearing detrimental energy that can prevent emotional balance. We all take on energies of those around us and animals aren't always able to release it, especially when it was brought on by abuse or the stress of going through the rescue process.

During a session with me I go beyond a persons list of questions and look at different areas of the animal; the body, mind and spirit. I believe that behaviors and health problems are just symptoms of something deeper and work to find out what that is so to steer the human in a direction to help create the environment or protocol that encourages permanent change for the animal.


We have been working with Debbie for over a year now. Every session with our dogs has been enlightening and helps us form a deeper bond with them. Through Debbie we were able to connect with our dog Maxine who we lost unexpectedly last year. When we brought our new dog home, she helped us talk to our new and resident pups on anxiety and behavioral issues and resolve them successfully. Its also great that Debbie specializes in creating custom flower essence blends based upon the conversation that we have with our pups and what they truly need. Thank you so much Debbie for what you do and

helping us connect with our pups.

Janani T., Seattle, WA

 Debbie has been a tremendous help to us with our animals over the years. There are often major issues in rescue work and Debbie has been able to assist us in better understanding these concerns which has helped many animals adjust to life on our farm. She has also been invaluable with health issues and with animals that have crossed over. Debbie 'sees' each animal's personality and understands their individual traits - that is what truly makes her so good. I have never had a communicator hone in on an animal the way she does. Over and over she has relayed information to me that is over the top correct which has allowed me to better assist that animal. Debbie's animal communication skills are excellent and I would highly recommend her for any situation.

Marci V., Spokane, WA

I have been working with Debbie for many years now. Each session has been truly amazing. When I found Indigo, my parakeet, I wasn't able to find her owner and contacted Debbie to see if Indigo wanted to live with me. During that session I found out that Indigo was released from a home in turmoil and it was no coincidence that she found me. Debbie helps open the door to discovering her needs, desires, and special talents, such as cartoons and speaking to ghosts. Thank you Debbie for your helpful guidance and the beautiful clearing work you do with the animals.

Carolyn S., Seattle, WA

Debbie has been truly amazing in connecting with my animals!  Time after time she given me health help that has been "right-on" and so beneficial to go by.  It is obvious to me that the animals she connects with truly trust her as they are so open and comfortable with their responses...even to sharing spiritual insights.  I am awed by her.

Marlene D., Pet Well-being Consultant, CA

Debbie has helped me to understand my dogs better.  I adopted them both at 6 months and they

had a few issues.  She helped me understand and figure out why they did certain things.  She has talked to

them both on several occasions and what they had to say to her has helped me deal with them and

their issues better. 

Jill O., Bismark, ND