Unfortunately at this time I no longer do Lost Animal consultations. Below are some resources and suggestions that may help you.  

Few things are worse than having your animal be lost from home. There is a lot of completely understandable emotional stress and fear connected to the situation. However, the more you can send out loving thoughts and remain calm, it will not only assist the communicator you are working with but also create a space that allows the animal to come home safely.

Lost Animal Resources:
https://findalostpetresources.com/communicators/ for a list of communicators who work with lost animals.


*Doing the Golden Cord exercise below can be very helpful in keeping a connection with your animal and showing the way home.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed in a meditative state.  See doors opening on your heart center and a golden cord coming out of your heart, going out into the darkness and connecting to your lost animal.  Make a strong energy connection and then pull gently on the cord, telling your animal to follow the cord home.  Tell him that it's safe to come back, and that you have some yummy treat and to just follow the cord.  Very often this will bring a lost animal home within 12 hours.  Keep sending out an image of the animal walking up to your door.  Do this from home as often as possible and really keep a strong energy connection to your animal.